Guys, you're meeting a girl that you've been talking/texting to for a month- what's the ideal way for her to greet you?

You've spent more than 15 hours on the phone, sent hundreds of text messages and know that getting intimate is a given, it's just weather and a bout of the flu that has kept you apart thus far. You're oddly comfortable talking with her, but now's the first time you're actually meeting each other. You're waiting in the restaurant and get the text that she's arrived outside and you go out to greet her. So how does she greet you to make a lasting impression?

Well, we had planned to meet 7 days after we first started talking, but a freak blizzard left us both homebound on our original date night, and then he caught the flu and missed 3 days of work and had to work the following weekend to make up hours.
We're both married (separated and divorcing) adults with young children- logistics are a thing


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  • I would hope for at least a hug and kiss on the cheek if I have spent that much time talking and beginning to get to know her. Simple yet not over expecting

  • A month? Why so slow?

    I have only met one girl from Tinder and I met her in 2 days.


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