Telling a guy you like them through email?

Ok I know this is the most chicken way to do this. I have hung out with this guy a couple of times and I can tell he is interested in me but is shy about saying anything. A few days ago we had a phone conversation and I said we should meet for drinks and he was all about it and sounded super excited, then he kind of mumbled "when do you want to meet" I didn't hear him super clearly so I asked him what he said and he was like" oh never mind" ... he sounded nervous on the phone, but a couple days ago I asked if he wanted to meet on Friday (today) on messenger, he said maybe but he might have plans, I messaged him to let me know, then I never heard anything, I called last night and left a vm, and he didn't return my call, messaged him again today and asked if he wanted to meet and he said he can't tonight because it was a friends birthday today... my gut feeling is that he has feelings for me but isn't sure how I feel and I want to tell him... I know it's best face to face or even on the phone, but I've tried both of those and I'm not getting anywhere. I still think he likes me, I don't think his feelings would have changed THAT much in a few days... what do you guys think about emailing him? Thank you for reading this: )

  • emailing is fine, at least he will know how you feel
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  • don't tell him through email
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  • Tell him in person if you can there is more emotion to it