Would you date a guy with no car if you were in my position?

Would just like to know if you'd date a guy with no car. I've always had a car ever since I got my license. I can say that I am pretty established when it comes to my career and status in life. If you were me, would you date someone with no car? Or if he has one, would the car model matter? Please explain.


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  • How much money would a man have to make in order to become "acceptable" in today's society? If a man could not support a family, does that make him unworthy of love?

    At the same time, I would never encourage you to love a bum. Someone that refuses to work or get out of what rut he's in is his own fault.

    It's time to asses the situation. Men lie, just as women lie. . . So let's make our own judgments. Does this guy work? Does he have plans? Is he introspective to the point of fixing what needs to be done within himself so he's always working. If the reason he doesn't have a car, is because his job can't pay him enough, and he loves the work he's in. . . Then it's not work ethic that's the issue. Some of the dirtiest, smelliest, grungiest children, have some of the brightest minds in America.

    What it comes down to is, you can't judge a person's character based on their financial income. You should first talk with him about his goals and his beliefs. Get to know his personality. . . Not his wallet. It's wiser to fall in love with a coal miner who loves you and is wise. . . Than to fall in love with a rich rock star that has no respect for anyone but his bathroom mirror.


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  • I would date a guy with no car only if he lived in NYC where there is not a real need for a car. But if he was local, I would not really look forward to dates with him or even initiate a date. I would only meet him at a spot. Now, if he has a car, the model does not matter, I don't know anything about cars anyway. But I do hate to feel like I have to be a taxi or obligated to drive everywhere we go.

  • Hello,

    Well , depends on why he don't have a car. If he is healthy, and can get a job, than there is NO reason why he shouldn't have one. It is lazy . Some guys just love to free load off smart girls because they know they are insecure, or just settle a lot.

    If you have a car and worked for it, than time to move on. There is Always someone who has goals close to yours. Any guy I know in the age bracket of 30 who don't have a car is LAZY. And it will get worst with marriage. TRUST ME! Than it starts with, " Can y ou spot me for dinner, I'm broke, I will get it next time."

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