Would you want a say about?


would you want a say:
* in naming your child?
* wedding plans?
* how your partner dresses?

what kind of "big talk" questions do you ask someone your dating?
examples \/
marriage, premarital sex, kids etc...

(This is Tinkerbell) umm Tinkerbell is confused about what you're asking
oh what about child discipline?


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  • So, are you like a hive mind?

    • sorta. i guess. we go to school and church together. and we decided to do this.

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    • i just told him that seeing you and how... good you are for lack of a better word. made me rethink who i was. and try to make myself better. "re-lit the flame" is the words i used i think. because and i quote myself again " my life was like cooking a meal. music was a part of my life, family, women i have cared about, all those things on different burners on a stove, and it wasn't that god was on the back burner. it was that the burner wasn't even lit. he was a side dish. not the main course that the other dishes complement" he liked how i explained that. and i said that you kinda helping me cook. i hope that doesn't sound to weird that's how i can explain it.

    • That's an AMAZING way of explaining that!!! And I'm really really glad that I was able to (kinda accidentally) help! I didn't think I was "good enough" to be able to help like that. Thanks for telling me that I did help:) (this is Tinkerbell)

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  • immaterial