Would you give a chance to someone if they asked you out on a date?

Scenario: This person is an acquaintance that you've met through work/school/friends. You don't know much about this person and you haven't considered in that regard until they decided to ask you out. Although this person also doesn't quite know you, he/she is interested enough in you as to ask you out.

What you do know:
- He/she has an average appearance
- Has demonstrate no significant negative attribute
- Is friendly and occasionally makes you laugh

Offer further details if you care.
*Please give an explanation if you voted "No"*

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  • Give it a shot , from your limited details it can't be all bad , who know it could be a blast. He!! Yea take the chance


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  • I think I would have at your age.

    • So age can be factor? As in, you would be willing to go out on a date to see if that person is what you are looking for, or compatible, but only if you were around your 20's?

    • Well, I'm not particularly interested in dating at this time in my life.

    • Understood. I assume you would only consider it if you knew the person better and had a much stronger desire than simply because they were interested or curiosity. I assume it has to do with your priorities and responsibilities now when compared to that of a mere 20 year old youngster.