Is it too late to have first real girlfriend??

I'm 22 years old and pretty good looking for the most part athletic and all. However, I've been in no mans land for years now. I haven't had a serious girlfriend in my whole life. I spent most of my teen years chasing a girl that I never got while blowing off girls that actually showed interest. When I started college I was ashamed of how little experience I had and kinda went into a shell and avoided girls. Nowadays I'm so shy I can barely strike up a conversation with girls I'm interested in its so demoralizing. Its not like I've never had sex or hooked up with a girl but its far and in between and I never now what to say after; let alone the last couple girls came clean with actually having boyfriends and they just thought I was cute. Any advice would be great or am I just stuck to be girls little flings when there boyfriends aren't looking I don't know what to do anymore..


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  • Don't worry. Lots of guys don't have serious girlfriends until they are into their 20's, so you're not weird or anything, and it's definitely not too late.

    Just keep trying to talk to girls and meeting people and eventually dating, and then you'll be back in the game and eventually find the right girl.


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  • You can never be stuck.

    If you want to change you can.

    Develop a plan to change one characteristic of yourself one at a time. Do this over and over until you build a decent amount of self-confidence. But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't even recommend this... It's just an option.

    I would probably get a good guy friend of yours to take you to a nice club or bar. Be yourself, and have your buddy wingman you a few girls to just TALK to.

    Gain some recent experience speaking with girls that are generally single and interested.

    Don't try to go too far unless you click with a girl.

    But just get yourself out there.

    I bet you have a friend that wants to take you out to a bar/club and get you hammered. Do it.

    It's a chance to get you out of your "shell".

    • What if you don't even have a friend who wants to hang out with you at the bar/club? : /

    • Buy me a plane ticket and I'll come do it for you .

      But seriously - there has to be SOMEONE.