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I've been with this guy for four months and in the beginning he used to give me compliments, and sex was wild. Then things sorted of shifted he stopped giving me compliments, sex has toned down. He still tries to satisfy me always and is always staring at me eyes as if trying to see inside my head... he does look for me, but we're not official yet so what am I? A booty call?

Is he losing interest? I'm very attracted and he knows it, but i complain cause he doesn't see me more than once a week now, before it would be twice a week. I don't argue because i don't want to seem needy but i feel unappreciated sometimes n not sure if it's just that I'm sensitive. He works a store that his family owns about 6days a week


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  • If you were a 'booty call', the coitus would still be wild, and he would look for intercourse very often. This has happened to me before, and it is just because the new of your relations have worn off. This doesn't mean he is tired of you, just that he has gotten used to you.


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  • He's relaxed, honeymoon phase is over.

    • Ok so what's with the staring then? Does that mean he's interested? He totally gets nervous too and smiles at me.

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