Why hasn't he invited me over? 2 months and no invite. Always go out or go to my place. Everything is good except that?

Why wouldn't a guy invite a girl over?


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  • he obviously doesn't want you at his place
    many reason i'll list a few
    -no privacy because he lives with parents or room mates
    -he grows weed at his house
    -his house is a mess and is pretty embarrassing
    -he's actually a hobo
    -he's rich and lives in a mansion and doesn't want a gold digger
    -massive carpet flea problem at his house
    -evil clowns took over his house, he can't get in
    -he forgot where he left his house keys
    -he's actually halfway through moving house
    -his house burnt down
    -his house is getting renovated and isn't really safe
    -there's a scary monster in the closet and it probably isn't safe
    -he thinks you wouldn't be a fan of his cheap 70s furniture and flowerprint wallpaper

    I don't know, you should probably ask him lol


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  • Because he doesn't want you at his place. It's pretty simple. You would have to ask him why though.

    • I was looking if there's a common or typical explanation that could cause it before I question him about it

    • Nope. Every guy has their own reason for this. (the guys who don't want a girl at their place).