Not sure if this guy likes me?

So I've known this guy for about two years, and I used to think of him as just a friend. But in around September I started to have feelings for him. He always smiles at me and makes an effort to start a conversation. He teases me in a flirty way, and always gives me hugs (he gives a lot of girls hugs though lol). Lately when I talk to him, he has been leaning in closer, and I just feel this electricity and I don't know if he does too. When I was working today in school, he came next to me and literally stood right next to me. Like his arm was pressed against mine. Today he called me and asked me to hang out with him and a few friends later, but I couldn't go, so he said he would call me next time. BUT he has a girlfriend.. but when i was with a few friends and him and his girlfriend were there, he seemed to be talking to me the most. Help? :/

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*He also always tells me how he likes my long hair
*ps, I'm pretty sure he isn't serious about his girlfriend, because they barely even talk, and they never seem happy when they are together


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  • Stay away
    Don't be that girl.
    He's in a relationship
    Respect the relationship and respect yourself.
    If he's into you he needs to get himself figured out before anything. Don't feed into the fire. It can be messy.

    And to answer your question, it seems like he's interested.

    • I can't stay away though, because we've been friends for two years, and he is so funny lol.

    • You can still be his friend but halt any flirting or any of that stuff. If you wouldn't do it in front of his gf then don't do it at all. I know you have feelings for him but you don't wanna be side chick. Before you get emotionally involved (more) think about all this a whole. Not a good place to be in. Fall back for now. If he's not serious about his gf, it will eventually fluke. Thennn you can flirt, if you're still interested. I'm not telling you how to live your life, it's ultimately up to you. I'm just saying, it's always better to stay away from taken people, friends or not lol

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  • Seems like stalker if he or his girlfriend finds out it woud be drama then. Bee his better girl friend and be genuine then he will


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  • I think he definitely likes you, probably a LOT! I mean he always initiates the conversation, check. He leans in closer to make body contact, check. It's obvious that he wants to be close to you but the fact that he has a girlfriend is worrying me a bit :/

    • Same here! It makes it so confusing. Especially since this all started before he had a girlfriend.

    • Hmm, did you like him when he hadn't a girlfriend or did your feelings only develop afterwards. If that's the case I think he likes you, but you didn't like him back then so he decided to move on. Even if he still liked you. I've had a similar situation, I didn't like a friend of mine that way and he moved on, but then he got a girlfriend and now I really like him :/