I hate being away from my boyfriend. Am I being clingy? please explain?

Well yesterday afternoon after school had finished. my boyfriend walks me up to my car and after i have left the street the school is on I get sad.

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  • There's nothing wrong with being a little clingy. It's being irrationally and debillitatingly clingy that's unhealthy.

    That said, at age 14, irrationally clingy is a couple's default setting. You feel like the world is going to end if you're not with your SO.

    Trust me, the world is NOT going to end. You'll be fine, and when your hormones stabilze in the latter half of puberty, that clingy default setting is going to evaporate.


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  • I think you definitely are, but at your age it's kind of expected, eh might even like that! But once you get out of high school, I would grow out of that, many guys would find that clingy and push away from you if it became a big deal.

  • If you don't constantly bug him about missing him, then you're not.

  • If you obsess about this I would say yes and at the age of 14 you have bigger fish to fry than having a bf and obsessing over him.


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