It made me feel so sad :( what should I do to feel good nd to know about her? pleaseee help?

So Im'' in LDR (Long distance relationship) with my gf from 11 less than one year, nd we talk daily nd maybe 5,6 hours a day, we used to chat, text, call, nd we never been out of contact for even 1 day in this whole year, we told each nd everything for each other,
last week she was in some family problem, she told me about it, nd then on Wednesday night we fought jus a little, its usual not anything big, nd since then till now about 63 hours gone nd she'd neither replying me nor she's picking up my call, maybe she's in some sort of problem, nd i couldnt talk to her from 3 days nd more is that Im worried about her cuz she was in some problem,
My question was, what should i do to feel good, cuz this is sad for me nd i can't focus on anything else, nd how to know about her when she's not answering me :(


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