What should I do? please help?

So Im'' in LDR (Long distance relationship) with my gf from 11 days less than one year, nd we talk daily maybe 5,6 hours, nd we never been out of contact for even 1 day in this year, we told everything to each other,
last week she was in some family problem, she told me about it nd then she stopped replying me on Wednesday nit nd 63 hours gone nd she'd neither replying me nor she's picking up my call maybe she's in some sort of problem nd i couldnt talk to her nd more is that Im worried about her that what so big has happened which made he not reply me as she never did it before
what should i do to feel good, cuz this is sad for me nd i can't focus on anything else, nd how to know about her when she's not answering me :( PLEASE HELP


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  • She's probably really stressed and just wants to be alone and not talk to anyone its hard when you have family problems and u guys talk everyday for hours your going to run out of things to say and brake up just saying


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  • Don't worry about it, she's busy and needs to be with her family now. Just give it time she will respond.


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