I need your help, can this relationship last?

So, about two weeks ago a friend of mine invited me over to his place.
We have been friends for about 3 years, but not like super close, just the kind of people who meets at party's and talks on snapchat once in a while.
At this point we both knew that in two weeks he was going with some friends to study at Bali for 3 months.

After our first "date", we started hanging out almost every day. We started kissing and got this amazing connection.
Like i can't remember i having feelings like this ever before, and it's the same way for him. He started telling me that he hated the thought of him going away, and that this was such a bad timing.

Last weekend i spent the night at his house, and we had sex. After this he told me that I was his first. I got shocked. But at the same time i felt special, since he wanted me to be his first.

After this weekend he only had 6 days left before going away, so we spent as much time as possible together. We acted like a couple, and I think we both would say we are.
We talked a lot about him going away, and how we would stay in contact.
We even talked about what we were going to do when he got back home.
We both feel like this is real love, and agree that we are going to make this long distance relationship work.
We could just look into eacothers eyes for hours, talking about things, and it felt so freakin amazing.

Now he has been gone for over two days, and i feel like I am going through a million stages of myself.
The first day i was so sad, and I started crying all the time. Yesterday was better, at one point I actually felt like all this never happend.

But after talking to him a little bit on snapchat before going to bed, I started missing him like hell again.
The time difference is 7 hours, so its hard to get to talk a lot.
Since he's only been there for two days, i don't want to be fussy, cause he's probably trying to adjust to his new life.

I don't know if this can work, but i really hope so!


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  • It's only three months. Military wives have it much worse. You'll get through this!
    Find something to indulge in or practice during your free time. Show off when he gets back.

    • Yes i know, but he's at a super party place with his friends, Thats what makes it different.
      I guess Im afraid he's going to forget me, haha.
      But i know his friends, an they are all really supportive to this, so i guess that means something to.

    • He gave up his virginity to you and regrets having to leave. Doesn't sound like he's going to forget you anytime soon.

    • Thats what i try to think. But its just so scary that this relationship is so new and fresh.
      I know he's gonna have a great time over there, and i really want him to.
      I just thought he might would call our send me a text anytime soon, not just snapchats.
      But he's at a new place, and there is a lot of things happening, so i guess he just takes a while to settle.

  • Was he good, when you guys were having sex?


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