How do you stop dwelling and move on?

Long story short... saw this guy for 2.5 months. Last time I saw him I slept with him, which I waited 2 months to do. Then after the communication started dwindling but he was still texting, but not that much. He told me some load of bull that he was just doing some thinking and that he would call me. Never did. So I text him to call me if he wants to talk to me.

2 days later he texts good morning I reply, and nothing. So I sent him this text of how lousy this is to do this etc and told him off basically. He told me if he wanted to end things he would tell me but he didn't. He just started taking forever to reply to texts, then just stopped. This is from a 43 year old man. I just don't feel any closure because we never officially broke up but I just assumed he got what he wanted and decided to do the slow fade. So the whole lovey dovey thing the day after was a stupid act. Unreal.


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  • Doesn't seem that interested. I've unfortunately, done this before. While dating (NOT A RELATIONSHIP), she was super clingy after we. Slept together and just basically made me push her further away. I lost interest.

    • Yeah that's why I think it was a mistake sleeping with him. I wasn't super clingy or anything, but he started acting really flaky.

    • If it isn't an established relationship, it's best to wait or he'll likely lose interest.

    • Yes won't make that mistake again.

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  • Find someone new.

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