How to be a good wingwoman?

My best guy friend recently confided in me that he's really into this one girl that we're both friends with, and came to me for advice. He wanted to know about all of her favorite things and if she might be interested in him, too. We agreed that I would act as his wingwoman/female wingman/whatever as he pursued her. What are some things that I can do to help him out and be a good wingwoman?


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  • Go to the girl he likes and just totally blow his cover. Tell her he secretly likes her, etc.. etc..

    Then tell him it is time to ask her out. Do not tell him that her response will be yes, or no, even if you know what it will be. Simply tell him it is time, cryptically and mysteriously, offering no explanation other than it is time for him to move or miss out. Just tell him to ask.

    Then step aside and let them be. Also if asked if you told, just say yes, because you thought it would be in his best interest. It actually really is.

    There is never any need to lie here.

    Whatever becomes of it, it'll help him get the courage he needs to do things in life.

    • Sounds terrifying for the guy but the right decision indeed, good advice.

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