Thanking me for cuddling with him? wtf?

So I wouldn't say me an this guy are talkin. But he hits me up everyday all we have done is kissed and had innocent sleepovers my house. Well im away for a couple weeks and i asked him to come chill before i go. He said no at first which i was confused. Then finally the next day he came over which he was still hesitent we had a really good night. We Cuddle we talked looked a pics an videos of his 2 yr old son. When we laid down i kissed him an he never kissed me back. When we first kissed he grabbed me an kissed me. ? Well the next day he sent me a text thanking me for cuddleing with him an it meant more to him then i know. He has been really depressed because he got kicked out of where he was staying at. Aand he has a bit baby mama drama. so im confused does this dude like me or was he just oddly using me for simple comfort?


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  • He likes you and he is right.
    This ment way more to him then you realised, he is really thankful for how you made him feel.
    I would say its a very good sign.

    • What do you think about him being hesitant about coming over an not kissong me back tho?

  • His hesitations could be related to having been depressed... you know, when you're really emotional it's difficult to be spontaneous or make good decisions.
    So honestly, I think the "thank you" means a lot more than the confusion.
    Also the fact he hesitated but came anyway, with his kid, means a lot.
    I'd give it time. Help him vent some emotion and find his confidence back, and you'll at least have yourself a good friend. Or more...


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