Can long distance relationship work?

I met him online and he's like the perfect guy. We have the same kind of humor and I can talk to him about anything. He seems really into me. He says stuff like "you're the girl for me" "I love you" and "you really are the most important person in my life"... he lives 600 km (373 miles) away and he talks a lot about coming to meet me. Can this work?


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  • This can work only if you two are the right people for it.
    You are going to have to deal with being separate from him physically most of the time.
    This will only work if your relationship is based on a strong emotional bond and friendship rather then the physical aspects your going to miss out on most of the time.

    If you are the kind of girl that needs a lot of affection and for someone to be close to her and hug her this is not going to work for you. If you are however the girl who can sacrefise these things for the emotional satisfaction you will get from bonding with this guy and get pleasure from being around him mentally then this is surely going to work providing he feels the same!


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  • It is possible but it is not probable.
    How long have you been "together"?

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