My boyfriend keeps texting his ex?

Soooo my boyfriend was with this girl for a year. She cheated on him a lot and they broke up a few times. From what I was told he kept trying to break up with her through texting but she wouldn't reply. So he asked her brother to tell her. Her brother is a really good friend of mine. He recently told me that my boyfriend still texts her. I've been in this relationship for a little over two months and we got together the same day that he finally succeeded in breaking it off with her. But why are they still texting? He always brings her up and says that she texts him first, but my friend says that he texts her. Also one day my guy asked what it meant that his ex brought up good memories from their relationship. Can anyone help me? I want to know if he still has feelings for her. Especially since he recently told me that he might be starting to fall in love with me.


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  • if your boyfriend is still entertaining his ex as in messaging her and giving her attention then he needs to really assess what he wants and its best if you see him down and talk to him about it and tell him that it bothers you. If the problem persists and you need to take yourself out of the situation. He's giving her all the attention that he should be giving you and that's not fair. If he wants her don't let him waste your time.