Guy I was dating pulled back, finally messaged me, don't know how to respond?

i've been dating this guy since November, and recently he pulled back. we went almost three weeks without talking. for the past month before that, it seemed like when i would initiate conversation, it would cause him to pull back more, so i didn't message him or anything.

i also continued to meet other people, and last week changed my profile picture on the dating app we met on. later that day, he changed his 'about me' to "i officially suck at girls, but i'm good at x, y, z"

finally, last night he messaged asking if we were fighting and why i haven't messaged him. i still haven't responded, but i think i'm going to tell him "to be honest, i feel like when i was messaging you it pushed you away. what are your thoughts?"

you guys think this would be the best response? thanks.


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  • I don't know.. You're in a hard situation.


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  • I think you should just be honest with him and tell him why you hadn't messaged him. You should tell him that you felt like he was pulling back from you.