Should I give up?

He gives mixed signals. He asked who I liked and teases me. But won't message me, not even before this all happened.

For Valentine's day, actually a day before, I told my crush I liked him and gave him a big bouquet of suckers with a card of that has the same amount of reasons why I like him as the suckers. Also, on the card was my Kik. He reacted with a straight face when I told him. I don't know if it was shocked or uninterested. (He didn't read the card yet) I told him to Kik me.

After a week long break, I didn't receive a message. A few days ago I asked why didn't he Kik me. He claimed he did and he would again that day.

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and Kik him that night. He said he was sorry he forgot and that he was busy. I looked on Instagram, and he liked a photo around the time he told me "He was busy"

Should I give up? He seems uninterested. I don't want to ask again then seem obsessive. But I don't really like any one else. Should I just wait to see if I like someone at my new school? This my last year.


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  • I don't know. you're in a tough situation


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  • It doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, he IS--------Uninterested. I see the sure signs that with all of his hymning and hawing and even rudely and crudely putting you on his pay no mind list, he is either Into someone else or you and him do not have a chemistry to mix with even On-----Kik.
    Take your time. No one says you have to get into a real relationship today or tomorrow. I am betting my own sweet dollar that there is someone more special for you out there who you will meet and... when you least expect it, will either pop up at 'My new school' or maybe who knows... online.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yeah thanks. Its just that I would rather him say he's uninterested then ignoring me and making lies. I mean, he didn't even say thank you when I gave him it. He didn't even acknowledge my bravery.

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    • Yeah, Ill move on. But should I even talk to him? Like if he says hi or if he asks a question. Or just talk and seem like I didn't really care about the other stuff?

    • be civil if he speaks to you, however, do not go out of your way to be sweet. Pretend you don't care. xx