Ladies, would you automatically judge a man and never give him a shot just because he had a poor relationship with his mother?

I ask this since it seems that a lot of you ladies like to lump all men (with poor mother-son relationships) into the same group as the ones who uses their mother issues as an excuse to be violent criminals or assholes.

Although I'm not the one with "Mommy Issues", I know plenty of other men who have. While it's true that there are a lot of men who take their poor mother relationship out on their future girlfriends/wives, it's not always the case.

Half of the men I know with such issues despise their mothers (and even wished death upon them) but love their girlfriends/wives and would never hurt them while the other half I know love their mothers but still have difficulties getting along with women in general or are super selective of the women they search for because they're not good enough like their mothers.

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  • I think its unfair to judge someone based on that, if they love you and you love them then I don't see a problem :) my best friend doesn't have the best relationship with his mother but he's the sweetest thing.

    • Here's a pretty fucked up but funny story one of my male friends is the friendliest guy to all of his friends (like myself) and the sweetest boyfriend to his girl but absolutely despises his mother who just died from a car accident recently. He even admitted that he doesn't care that she's dead. In fact, he actually happy that it happened.

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