Not interested or testing the waters?

my ex and i broke up a few months back because i had some major trust issues (due to past relationships that i pushed on him) I began restricting him, he didn't like it especially since he was already stressed with school so we broke up. Since then, I've been working on myself to overcome my insecurities for myself and any future partners.
... my ex and i are in this "basically going out minus the title" stage. but lately I've been feeling as if every time he catches himself getting some serious feelings for me, he distances himself away, by text me less, hanging out less, not being as cutesy in the way we text etc.
.. so my question is, should i take it as he's only in it for the benefits but he's not interested in getting serious again thats why he backs off, or do you believe its more like he's testing the waters first because he's afraid to get back together and i end up getting really jealous and possessive again?


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  • I'd probably presume he's not serious.


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