I met a girl yesterday at my training, she is 14 and I am 16. we talked and I found out that we have so much in common. I would like some opinions?

I met a beautiful girl yesterday while training. She is 14 and i am 16. I ask for your opinions or advice in that matter.

During our training we talked a bit, and after the training she asked for my Facebook, i gave it to her and when i got home i found a friend request from her.

Few hours later and we were chatting on Facebook, i found out that of 10 things we have 9 in common. After our talk she said to me that i am the only normal person in her life and that other people bore her to death. During our talk i said a lot of jokes based on things we both like, and she liked them a lot. It all seemed as she liked me already, but i dont quite know these things

I consulted with my parents and they said its ok, but it turns out that my mom works with her dad. I can't draw conclusions based on what two people say, regardless if they are my parents or not. Please help i think i like the girl altough i dont find it quite possible.
If you think its wrong then tell me, no harm done. :)

Also, i forgot to ask what would my classmates think


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  • Having that many things in common is a rare find dude. It seem that she likes what she has seen from you so far , and I read you correctly you like her and what you have experienced from her. Just keep being the you she has come to like and I don't foresee you having any problems in having more with her. Good luck


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  • in my opinion you should try and talk to her more, you both obviously have common interests, but its a bit soon to decide whether u like her yet. find out what you guys dont have in common and talk to her more, then ull get to know her a bit better :)

  • What do you need help with. I'm 14 and I dated a 17 year old boy.


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