My only boyfriend broke my heart?

I have never been asked out nor even flirted with. I just seem transparent to guys who sometimes (although rarely) become purely platonic friends. Most of my friends are females.
The only guy I dated for over a year cut ties after I refused to have sex with him. He also confessed having been engaged to his girlfriend for over six months during our relationship. From what I heard through his friends talking to my friends, he just wanted sex from me because he was curious how it was to fool around with two girls at once. He thought I was beautiful, smart and funny which was somehow supposed to add to his glory, but once I refused (I want to wait until marriage) he just lost interest and decided I was not worth the chase. It seriously broke my heart because I was so happy being with him and genuinely loved him before I found out the truth. After that, he just stopped texting me abruptly.
Now I am just depressed and think why is it that I had only been asked out by a jerk like him? I am reasonably pretty, study at a top uni, am involved in societies, clubs, volunteering etc., get A+ at all of the exams, I am friendly and willing to help etc. Why can't I just have a normal Relationship with a cool guy like all my friends and sisters?


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  • Because he's a jerk. Jerk's don't care about the girl, so they have nothing to lose by the girl saying no.

    Jerks do the chasing I guess? I don't know why you were asked out by him.


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