How can I ask him what he is looking for or see if he is genuinely interested?

I'm 22 and a guy I went to high school with (we were good friends back then), started texting me a couple weeks ago. He initiated the flirting, it's always very sweet, not sexual or "booty call" type of texting. I go to cosmetology school and he also showed up this week for me to give him a haircut for a test. He said we should hang again, still has been texting (not as flirtatious), but then again he's in class all day and works at night too. I'm at the point where I want to at least know if he is genuinely interested/what he's looking for. I've wasted time talking to guys who strictly want to do the whole "casual" thing and I'm actually looking for something genuine at this point. I guess I just don't want to keep talking and start liking him more and more without knowing. How could I ask this or go about this without being too forward and scaring him off? Or is there no way to do that? Please help, thanks :)


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  • Do you even know if he is single?

    • Yes he is. He has been flirting with me and trying to go on dates with me. I've asked him how the ladies have been treating him haha and his response was "I guess we'll see after we hangout ;)"

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