Long distance dating need women perspective?

so I've been talking to this girl for about 2 months now. We met New Years and instantly hit it off. She took a temporary job where she will be traveling for 3 months, and we met up before she left because she wanted to spend the last night with me. We got dinner went out then she slept over and we had sex. It's now 1 month in and two months left until she is back home. This is been hard for me to deal with because I've been wanting a relationship for soMe time now and I'm fully ready to commit to one girl. She says I'm the only person she wants etc how we both consider Eachother our BF and GF it's just unofficial until she's back home. The problem I have is that there is a 2-3 hour time zone difference so we are always in different parts of the day and we talk very randomly. She calls me everyday but I've been feeling distant lately just bc this isn't what I thought the relationship would be. I stay up to talk to her at all random hours, I go to sleep alone every night and I stress out over this a lot. She keeps telling me just 2 more months just 2 more months then we will be with eachother finally which is so romantic but sometimes this whole situation makes me want to scream. I'm a very heated and loose tempered a lot of the time bc of all this please give me some insight gagers!


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  • Be patience. Have some self-control. Wait out the 2 month. But that it. If she keep delaying it, move on immediately.