Should I tell him I like him?

we met at a club about 2 years ago. since then we have been texting almost everyday and i would say we hang out quite a bit when we have a chance to. we sometimes stay at each other's for the night and we have slept tgt. he has a ft job and recently bk to school for pt, so we haven't hung out that much, once every 3,4 weeks but the texting is still going on. he sometimes doesn't reply me for a day or two, but i try not to bother him so much and wait for a few days before texting him again and he usually replies.

the mon before vday i told him i really wanna see him on vday. i was very happy that even he's really busy, he spent the evening with me. we went for a movie, dinner and he stayed at my place until sun evening time.

anyway, i have been thinking about telling him i really like him (which im pretty sure he already knows) and see if we can have something more serious/official but i m not confident enough to do it. i wonder would you spend a vday with a girl who you consider as a fd? any thoughts and advice?

than you!


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