Should I make a move to hold his hand or kiss him?

Okay so I've been dating this guy for a
little over a month. He is my first boyfriend and I was the one that basically started the relationship. But anyway we've been together for a little over a month and he hasn't held my hand or kissed me yet. He knows he is my first boyfriend so is that why he hasn't made a move yet, is he nervous that im not ready? I want to hold his hand or kiss so what should I do? We hang out almost every weekend and see each other at school...

we are juniors by the way...


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  • hold his hand


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  • He probably just doesn't want to push your boundaries, if you want to make the first move then I'd go for hand-holding first even though I doubt he would mind if you kissed him. If you want him to kiss you, just tell him to look at you, then put his hands on your cheeks and directly tell him to kiss you.


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  • He may be a little cautious around you to make a move because this is your first relationship. Try to confront him and ask him what's the deal. You may be ready and he doesn't know yet.