You dont have to go out your way for me? Comment?

So im goin away for 5 weeks but coming home on the weekends this is for work. He works with me where i live an the way our scedules are set up i kno i won't be able to see him. so i told him on sundays i ll be home an i can drive up to see him on his lunch break then he hits me with you dont have to go out your way for me? Like im confused does this mean he doesn't like me that much.


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  • Haha, I got that from a girl once , "you don't have to do that". Never heard from her again. Take that for what you will. Hopefully your situation has a better outcome than mine did.

    • I mean we talk everyday but it just seems to me like he saying oh no dont do that cause i dont really want you like that.

  • He's being cordial.

    • So does polite mean i like this girl or to polite to say no. I asked him to come over tn he said no... all we have done is kissed. He has never tried more but. The last time i kissed him he didn't kiss me back but the first time he grabbed me for a kiss

    • You're unwanted.

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