What kind of girls/guys do bisexuals like?

If you are bisexual, what is your ideal for each?

I like "pretty boys" with a strong personality, not flamboyant types. If they're not themselves, it's annoying.

With girls I like feminine looking girls, and I also don't like if they have a fake girly personality. Same thing, if they're not their natural selves it's annoying.


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  • Universally young, short, cute, skinny, affectionate and playful, perhaps a bit shy (this makes it pretty hard to make a move considering I'm shy too). Boys must be especially (girly) cute, not flamboyant. Very passable femboys are amazing. Girls can be dorky/nerdy, I like that. Preference is girls.

    Basically, if they look like this then I don't care if they have a penis or a vag.

    • I don't mind femboys, but that's like mixing oj and apple juice.

    • I get it. Maybe I'm just more like heteroflexible.
      I like the mix. I like PDA with girls dressed like boys (not necessarily passable) or boys dressed like girls (necessarily passable). I seems like so much fun to confuse the general public. (^_^ )

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