Short girls : Tall guys or short guys?

So uhm I'm a 5'5 male although there are girls who say I'm cute but they always say I'm too short for them but guess what they are girls who are about 5' - 5'2 tall I mean... seriously? I mean all the short girls around me tend to set their target to be at least 5'10 or so which is like a full 10 inches on them.

Do girls really prefer guys that are A LOT taller than them?
5 inches just ain't enough I guess?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • 5 inches taller is fine. I'm 5'4 and would date someone my height because I care more about personality than the superficial stuff, and even when it comes to physical looks height isn't up there on the list. That being said I do prefer tall guys, and 7 inches taller would probably be the ultimate height difference for me, however like u said, 5 is good as well. If those girls care that much about height then they are not the kind if girls you want to be with, they sound quite superficial and rude, so u wouldn't really worry about your height.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • I'm 5'2", I've dated a guy who was 5'4" and his height was fine with me. For me height really isn't that much of an issue for me.

  • Any guy that isn't shorter than me.

  • This is funny ! My crush is about 3 inches tallerthan me so when i wear heels its over 😂 but i like him a lot so it doesn't matter to me. Girls usually prefer taller guys because they look cute together or because everyone else does. If a girl likes you, your height is the last thing they'll think about


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  • 5 ft 5 is very very bad height for a male... seriuosly.. its not even girly height... ready to be alone single and virgin forever?
    maybe try gay men...

    • Yeah glad I found you

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