I like a guy but I have never actually meet him, should I talk to him?

i am friends with a guy on Facebook and i like him, but we don't really no each other, he says that he has seen me at a beach that we both go to, should i start talking to him?, how do i know if he likes me?


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  • Well what do you like about him. Is it just cause he's good looking that's it or is there anything more to it?

    • he just seems like a really nice guy, but i haven't really meet him. he is good at footy, he is not really that hot, but good looking he is.

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    • no i am not talking to him, biggest loser i have ever meet

    • daym what happened?

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  • I don't know.
    Just exercise caution.
    by that I mean if you do meet him
    for the first time
    be with friends

    • what would u do if one of his friends inboxed and told u that he really likes u and wants to go out but is to shy to ask?

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    • i think i will just talk to him atm and when i meet him in person in summer then will see what happens

    • Yes Meg do that.
      You are at that wonderful age.
      Life is love and heartbreak
      the heartbreak makes the love so sweet.