Honestly, have anyone get with a girl that is just out of your league?

I mean, we've talking a lot, she is super nice, and she is like the dream for me.. but i don't think i can offer anything more than other guys do, and when i say that is because i'm graduating and i'm on a fucking budget.
So basically i don't have time at all, and no money either.. all i have to offer is my kindess, attention, stupid jokes and maybe sometimes we can hang out or smth.
Is this enough? you guys think she'll give me a shot?

PS: and she is taller than me (yeah.. it sucks)


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  • Just try anyway. It's good practice to learn to pick up other girls in future if she says no, and it's a date for you if she says yes.. Either way, you get something.


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  • There's no such thing as "out of your league"
    As long as you have time and the mindset, you can be with whoever you want.
    Unless you're a total jerk ahah.
    Basically, just give it a go! Chances are, she's thought about it once. It's human nature to weigh up our chances with another person when we meet them and get to know them.

    If you want or need some advice, drop me a PM, I'm usually available ^_^

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