I know this guy at school likes me but I don't know if he's ever gonna ask me out.. How do I make him want me and want to ask me out?

I've been looking everywhere but there's no good advice on this xx


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  • Flirt a little.
    always say hi
    You know
    just be friendly
    It doesn't always work
    this stuff takes time to learn
    You have time
    In 3 years you'll be asking how to get rid of guys

    • Thank you princess for the nice MHO

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    • I'm a really shy person and he's a really popular guy. I just can't do that... @KidInk2

    • You can do whatever you want. Popularity is for delusional people. You like him, you ask him out

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  • Honestly, just go and ask him out. I am a guy and Im pretty sure this girl likes me but when I asked her out she said no. So a lot of times guys don't want to ask girls out because of this kind of occurrences. Since you like him and you know he likes you, just suggest catching a movie with some friends first?

    • I'm a really shy girl and he's one of the popular guys so I'm not sure that I'd just be able to ask him out

    • Then just make your interest clear to him. Try not to play jealousy games as they tend to lower his confidence and push him away from making any move and since he's one of the popular guys he might feel like he has other options

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