Kissed and ran away?

So one of my friends came over (a girl) to study after a while we got a little bored and she notice I had a basket ball hoop outside and said we should play. So while we were playing, goofing off we both feel she falling on me we both started to laugh then we stop and we looked at each other then she said hey we are good friends right? I said ya what about it? Then she kissed me and said I loved you. I was shocked for a sec. Then she said sorry and when and got her things and left. I personally only though things like that only happen in movies. So why did she run off? And what should I do?

Forgot to add that I like her and wouldn't mind going out with her


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  • Since you like her too, get your fanny over to her house with a bouquet of flowers and don't let her twist in the wind any longer. I wish I would have had the good fortune to end up with the boy I crushed on in high school, our feelings for one another are still super strong. We are married to other people, but talk to each other three times a day on the phone. Twenty-four years ago we had a huge fight - I got mad, he got mad and before we could work things out, he got another girl pregnant and had to marry her. We were apart for 17 years, both heartsick for what we threw away. My advice is to explore whatever it is that is developing between the two of you. If it isn't good or doesn't feel right, then let it go, but you will always have the sense that you followed it to the end. You won't be haunted by "what might have been". Good luck.


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  • "Why did she run off? "

    She was a bit (or very) annoyed with her "confession".

    "And what should I do?"

    Don't abuse her sentiments but

    Either accept it "you know, I love you too".

    Or reject it but in a gentleman like manner:

    - explain why you don't accept her love (a girlfriend, she's too young, you will be moving to another town soon, you like her but not up to loving are the obvious reasons/excuses- don't say anything negative about looks or features)

    - doing as if nothing happened (CAN be the best solution that saves her face and your friendship but isn't guaranteed)

    In any case:

    -Be kind.

    -Don't tell it to anyone.

    - It might be better not to tease her about it.