Stuck in a dating rut, help? Not sure what to do or where I'm going wrong :(?

So I've been on many dates in the last 6 months from online dating, bars or friends setting me up and I just don't seem to click with anyone! I try to make it to at least a second or third date with guys to see if I'd like them more but nothing!

What should I do? I feel miserable constantly going on dates that go nowhere! It's a mix of both me not wanting to see them again or the guy-say a ratio of 70/30.

I would ideally like to be in a relationship but I can't just force myself to date anyone unsuitable. Should I stop dating for a while?


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  • It wouldn't hurt to stop for a bit and just not worry about it for a bit. But it's not your fault that you're not attracted to those guys. Everybody is different and no matter how hard you try, it won't work with the wrong guy. Just keep your eyes open. You'll find mr. Right eventually. God made someone out there for everyone and hasn't forgotten about you

    • That's nice to hear so thank you, but I can't help and think like this- it's been a touch few months.

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    • The worst is when it happens when you actually feel a connection and then it ends, then you really start to over analyze.

      Then there comes the fear of my date asking about my last/longest relationship. I feel like it's one of those damned if you do/damned if you don't situations. I'm not a virgin but it kinda feels like it has that stigma as I feel like I'm expected to have had at least 1 relationship at my age.

    • And another thing is, I try to keep my options open as putting all your eggs in one basket can be very disappointing if things don't work out.

      Yet, all my options seem to flake or ghost and its in a circular/repeat motion for me. Even though it's a double standard where guys are cheered on for getting with more women, you start to feel lonely after awhile as flings and hookups are only fun while they last.

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  • Yes , stop dating. Work on yourself , hobbies and try to be the best you , you can be. You are forcing this , you are more concern with being lonely and its not good to force things. You attract what you are , so be awesome and you will attract someone awesome. Its todays social pressure that people are forcing relationship and some force it all the way to marriage because of the fear of being alone and with high divorce percentage , you can see that its not working.

    • Yeah I see, social pressures haven't helped matters. Thanks!

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  • How's your conversation skills?

    • Really good, I'm friendly and polite when I'm on dates also I try to have a laugh.