Why has he been acting strange?

So I was seeing this guy for quite some months he 1) introduced me to his family and his close friends, 2) held my hand in public and kissed me in public, 3) wanted to get to know my family/life. We never slept together though, anyway time went on and I had to move away and he said he would come visit me etc. When we were out a few times he would question me if I spoke to another guy or ask if I knew him. When I would bring up things that I was about to do, he would sort of joke about it and not take it seriously although he was a good listener and seemed interested in me genuinely-that was the vibe I got. I went on holiday for a few weeks and that was when I started to notice him becoming distant and just asking me silly questions. I eventually got into a relationship with another guy because we sort of drifted as our only way of contacting was really texting. And this guy I was seeing decided to send me photos of himself to impress (his body), I texted him saying I have a boyfriend and that it happened because I couldn't see us going anywhere (due to the fact I live overseas now) and he asked if we could stay friends. I said yes and I hadn't heard from him in about a month until the other day he sent me a video of him looking like he was having fun with his friends.


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  • i am confused on which guy is which. but i don't think he is acting strange. he is just being friendly.

    • How are you confused?

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    • got it. that was a tough one! I would say he is trying to keep in touch bc he wants to be kept in mind if things don't work out with you and "different guy."

    • Oh okay I see, so he doesn't really want to stay friends, he just wants to be a part of my life kind of? Thank you!

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