What's a "player" in the dating context?

So... what actually makes a person a "player" in the dating context? What you think that defines a "player"?
Also, what's the difference in a guy player and a girl player in your opinion?


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  • a player is someone who plays and manipulates someone to get something.

    A guy player leads girls on and makes them believe that he cares about her when in actualit he just wants her for sex.

    Girls don't really need to manipulate guys in order to get sex so maybe a female equivelant would be a gold digger :/

    • That's interesting. Let me see if I get this...
      So basically is a deceiving person who uses people for what they want regardless of the damage they cause?

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    • Okay thanks. It was helpful for me to understand that.

    • thanks for mh

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  • I usually only hear the word player for a guy.
    It's someone who doesn't commit or doesn't even want a real relationship, they move from girl to girl not caring about their feelings

    • So almost every girl out there hates players?

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    • Okay thanks.
      I think I got what it means.

    • No problem

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  • Player is someone skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex.

    Players don't care about the Woman they are with other than Sex.

    • You also think that there's no such thing as a girl player?

    • well yeah definitely , Players can be both Male as well as female

    • Thanks for helping me understand that.

  • A player is someone that's not looking for a relationship, or a long term one, he usually jumps from girl to girl. He "plays" with their emotions/feelings, lying to them in order to get want he wants; he manipulates them for his own benefit.

    • So if I do want a long term relationship I'm not a player already?

    • Well, usually that's how it works; players don't tend to want to be in a relationship, because they like to be with different girls.

    • Okay

  • dates for sex. doesn't commit, is good at the game of perception, manipulates, gets sex and is open to his/her next challenge.

    almost the yin of women using their pussy to use a mans resources...