Do you think this guy might end up hurting me (emotionally)?

To be clear: I don't want him to be my boyfriend. Especially considering it's only been a few weeks that we've been seeing each other. But we do have a connection, "emotionally" and sexually. He texts me all day and gets genuinely upset if he thinks I'm not interested in him and whatever. Basically I'm not concerned that he's using me or anything. He couldn't be more respectful or considerate when it comes to all that. Plus, I very much enjoy the sex too.

Despite my own distance, he just keeps bringing up that he doesn't want to get attached which I am totally down with. It's just the fact that he feels he needs to keep saying it makes me feel like there's something wrong with me, I guess? He complains about how I don't text him enough or anything but I don't know how to act because he's so sensitive when it comes to that stuff.

In his own words, I guess:

"I think you're amazing. I like you but I cannot rush into a relationship. I like taking it slow. But you are extremely pretty and interesting, not to exclude smart as hell and caring. You're a gem"

I guess my question is should I expect to get hurt from this? I don't need him to be in a relationship with me. I just don't feel comfortable without knowing exactly what the hell is going on. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. :)


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  • Nothing in life is a guarantee, writesabout peaches, and this also goes for a relationship that could either be here today or even tomorrow or Even------Without knowing exactly what the hell is going on.
    All you can really do at this point in time is give him a chance to see if there could be romance. He has started out being honest with you because he wants to nurse and nurture things slowly, get to know you better and make sure you are the One he will bring home to Mother.
    It's your choice, your call, but with what I am reading, he is proving himself to be a possible keeper and no weeper.
    i can tell you first hand, this man is worth risking a little for and what is more... he is worth your time of day so let your guard down easy and let him begin his beguine of... showing this gem he could be worth his weight in gold.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He is being VERY CLEAR about not wanting a relationship. I actually admire that. If you can keep your guard up and not fall, if you can remember his words, you will be OK. But if you think you will fall, get out now.

  • The reason why he's saying that so much is because he's getting attached. Hell, he gets mad if you don't text him back (so adorable :)). He really does like you and wants you to and that's why he's taking it slow. He sounds sweet, but as always keep your guard up.

  • He's not looking for a relationship so yes, you will get hurt because he's not committed to you

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