How to stop yourself from getting tempted?

I've never really been bothered with relationships - I've never had anything serious with a guy, I've always enjoyed the hanging out and flirty stages and tbh I've really enjoyed being single and not having to worry. And recently, since I started my junior year I've definitely gotten way more attractive and had so much more guy attention (which I've never had before) and I like it! But I've recently gotten a boyfriend, and it's seeming hard. He's lovely, but he's quiet and shy, not my usual type, and I have had quite a few guys ask me out or start getting to know me - which I've had to turn down. I know it's wrong, but I find it so hard not to flirt and not to get tempted, I'm just worried I might do something I regret one day - how do I stop myself from getting tempted?


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  • It sounds like you need to break up with the BF. If you are constantly being tempted that tells me that you are not overly interested in the BF. You like the flirt game more and that is OK for now... but it is not fair to the bf. You need to let him go.

    • If sex is all he's interested in then it also sounds like he's not overly interested in her either and in that would be case yes she should probably break up with him.

  • The answer is regret just keep the par in mind and you should be fine.


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