Guy on OKCupid has pictures of his dick on Xhamster. Not sure what to think?

I had a nice, actually kind of deep chat with a local guy I met on OKCupid. He said something about having a breakup 7 months ago from a serious relationship and just wanting no commitment upfront and just wanting to see how things go, which I'm fine with and isn't the problem.

He sent me his mobile number asking me to message, I still haven't. I googled the number and I got a result of a webpage where people ask for nudes. Googling that username I found a thread he started to have a group orgy online. The username is partly his name that he uses for OKCupid too so its gotta be him. Plus on FB I found his profile and he has both this name and the name he told me.

Googling this username I also found a Xhamster account with pictures of his dick. And it was posted a year ago, when he was supposed to have been in this serious relationship. I wonder why that didn't work out.

Should I be worried about any of these?


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  • You don't think anything. You click next


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  • Don't trust the internet to much

    • What do you mean by that, in this specific instance?

    • That you shouldn't because there's a lot of wierdos out there

    • This guy seems like an interesting weirdo though

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  • I would not pursue thus unless you are OK with those lifestyle choices. If you are, go for it.

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