Would this be OK to ask?

Do you think this would be OK to ask. My bf of 4 years moved to Georgia from where we live in pa because of a better truck driving job offer. He mentioned that his mom who lives 15 minutes away from me plans on visiting him for a few days in a few weeks. I have a few vacation days left at work that I could use up to go with her. Do you think that would be weird to ask if we could go together. I don't drive due to medical reasons but obviously I would offer to cover a lot of gas and pay for a meal or two of hers. I mean I don't think it would be a problem to ask we know each other really well. Thoughts? He moved down there about 3 months ago in case you guys are wondering


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  • Does his mother like you?

    • Yes she likes me a lot

    • Well there you go.

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