Girls, what are some signs you would give a guy to let him know you want to discuss what your relationship is?

Just in general I am interested in hearing!

Would just mentioning 'the talk' count? Or for example if I went shopping with her, she said that that was a very boyfriend thing to do and felt bad since we have just been casually dating (she definitely wanted me there though). And she keeps mentioning how she would love to have me back to her house, but that would mean I would have to meet her parents (I have my own place). I told her parents don't bother me, but she said that something you only really do with a boyfriend.

We have been going out for a bit more than a month and I could go either way with it, its just tough to tell how she feels, and I thought I'd ask before I bring it up and potentially make it awkward.

Any hints you can think of are greatly appreciated as well thanks!


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  • If I ask where is his going


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