Are women like this attractive?

Are women who have these attractive:
curves (not fat but not a flat stomach either, just a little round)
a big butt (but not totally huge)
38 D chest size
no thigh gap
toned legs
and who are flexible

are these woman worth dating or just to play around with to you guys?

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  • Just a play thing
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  • Not attractive
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  • I would be interested
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  • I just want to see the answers
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  • Women commonly make the mistake that they need to be skinnier than they really do. Just like most guys mistake that we need more muscle than we really do. Thigh gaps are not even a real thing for most men. For the few men that do care about thigh gaps, there are just as many that don't like them as there are that do. Most guys didn't even know what a thigh gap was until women started complaining about not having one.

    Overall what you describe sounds attractive to me. Your not fat, you have muscle tone, and you are flexible. That tells men you are healthy. Health is generally what attracts most people. This is actually why being too fat or too skinny is seen as unattractive by most people. The extremes of either are unhealthy, and therefore unattractive.

    Even if a woman isn't our absolute extreme ideal, most guys are still able to see her as attractive, as long as she is in good health. Beauty is almost all about health. Healthy skin, healthy weight, healthy nails, healthy amount of muscle.


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  • a pic would help obviously :-P

  • I don't know if I will have the balls to approach women like that. They are usually taken first things first. I voted D because I don't know if I would date them until I get to know them.

  • I really need a picture

  • She sounds attractive. Curves are good!

  • No way, I prefer fit/athletic girls (I don't care about butts or boobs).


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