Why would he stop calling?

So I met this guy at a party one night and we drunkenly had sex. I didn't expect it to turn into anything but it did. We started talking everyday, he would text or call just to see how my day was, and we continued to hang out and have sex about two or three times a week. He was always super nice and protective of me, he talked to me about his family and problems, and even invited me out with his friends. After sex we would always cuddle and have a long conversation-during one of these conversations he told me he liked me a lot and thought I was "an amazing girl". I started to get worried that it was all BS and that I was just a booty call, but then he took me out to eat. He paid and everything. He gave me a hug and said he would text me later. All of the sudden he stopped texting and calling me. He did reply to one of my texts apologizing for not getting back to me and told me that he would call me the next day, but he didn't. I am curious as to what is going on because he won't text me back, if he does its usually the next day or a few hours later. I'm really confused because it seemed like everything was going well and all of the sudden this happened AFTER a date. And it's not like he'll never see me again; we go to the same school, have some of the same friends, he has my shirt and I have sh*t sweatshirt. What's going on?


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  • Like the same thing happened to me not that long ago. My guess is that he may have met someone else and that he may have been only using you for a booty call. Guys are jerks and will say anything/do anything in order to have someone to call up for a booty call. He probably got to the point where he realized you were going to want something more then just hooking up all of the time. But who knows? I could be wrong. I've just dated A LOT of ass holes that's all. My advice is to go with your gut feeling, if you think he's playing you, you're probably right.