I'm torn between my friends and the guy I like?

I started dating this guy and they don't like him. I met him at a party and we hit it off from there. He says he doesn't like being around my friends because they are uncomfortable to be around which I understand. They give him this look and get impatient if we happen to bump into each other on campus and we stop to chat a bit. They complain about his height which I don't think is a problem because he's taller than them (they complain he's too short). He's 5'9 I'm 5'0. They also complain about his looks (he's as handsome as it gets to me). He helps coaches football and baseball in the community park for the younger kids. Whenever I talk about him and how happy I am they shut me off. I just don't understand what problem they have with him. He's sweet, a bit shy but really outgoing when you get to know him and at parties. They didn't even give him a chance to get to know them. We're planning this trip for the break coming up and they started complaining when they heard his friends are going the same way we are going and got upset that I wanted to spend more time with him. I don't know if it's because they are all single and don't really get guys because they aren't as outgoing. But I feel like they are constantly pulling me away from him and it hurts because they never did this with the previous guy I dated. They always tell me "You can do better." "Why don't you date someone else better looking?" "You never hang out with us because your with him" etc. Which is bs because I've been rearranging my plans with him for them. I really don't know what to do at this point. He's getting frustrated I'm getting frustrated as well because it's taken me a long time to trust a guy since my bad break up a year ago. Yet my friends have been with me since freshman year of high school.


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  • Friends should come first. They'll be there for you longer than him