Is this girl over reacting?

This girl I have been seeing is totally into me. She was texting me the day before yesterday how it was good to see me. Saturday she set up plans to go to a resteraunt with friends and asked I wanted to go. I said I did. She asked if we could meet up before hand, but I was taking care of some errands. My phone died so I went home, took a nap, and woke up a few hours later. I missed the resteraunt so I texted I was on my way, got a cab, and asked if she was still out.

Many hours later she texted no, she wants her stuff back, and doesn't want to see me again...


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  • Sounds like it. If you told her your phone died and had no other way of communication. If her mind is made up all you can do is move on. Unless she was just mad at you cause she thought you stood her up. Try to resolve things once or twice. If she won't budge, just find someone else

    • Do you think she's overreacting? She was thinking I was seeing someone else and that's why I couldn't make it.. she left and said, "good luck to you"...

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    • I can live without this one

    • It's just too bad here...

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