Long question - but can I ask him why he's suddenly treating me like his?

We went from texting multiple times everyday to him sending one word answers every so often. We went on a first date on Valentine's and it seemed to go really well. He spent the night at mine and the next day he text saying he'd had a good time. When I asked if he wanted to do it again he said "yah sure". We texted pretty consistently since then. He told me that he'd had a good time on the date and there was no reason to doubt that. But then on Tuesday (like 5 days ago) he started replying to texts less often. So I didn't text him for like 3 days. I finally text him to say thanks for some advice he'd given me and he started replying with one word answers. He still asked me questions but only replied in one word answers. I know he has a really serious exam next week and is struggling with the studying, but it's not hard to text. I got fed up and told him "good luck with the studying and the exams". That was yesterday. He's not replied since, despite the fact his replies are usually instant.

What should I do? Should I leave it? Should I ask what's going on? I like him. But I'm also boy so hung up on him that I can't hear the truth. I feel like after 2 months of texting everyday all day, and after sex, I deserve an explanation. No?


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  • What happened when he stayed over?

    • We made out and then I gave him a bj and we cuddled afterwards

    • Sounds like he got what he wanted, or close enough, and he is no longer interested.