How to make my boyfriend love to finger me?

If my boyfriend fingers me I usually have to guide his hand there but he only does it for a few seconds. It irritates me cause I start to get really turned on but then he stops. I don't have bad hygiene and I give him blow jobs and stuff to return the favor. What should I do?


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  • Tell him how much you like it and how much it turns you on. Your needs matter


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  • Hmmm!
    Well, your age makes me a bit nervous.
    But I was playing around at 14.
    Sex is an art.
    Sex is about sharing and caring
    Talk to him
    Love him up a bit
    them lay back and tell him to go first
    I know this might sound weird
    but some guys are afraid of girls pussy
    It's dark down there
    and can be odorous
    Keep everything in tip top working order