How do I tell the girl I like that I like her?

I've seen her a few times now but only in a group and I really enjoy being with her.

Could she already know I like her?


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  • It depends if you stared at her a lot. Girls usually know if a guy is staring. The best way to tell her and avoid any awkwardness and rejection is to be a little flirty and see how she reacts. She’ll be a little surprised at first if she didin’t know you liked her but if she isn’t annoyed and ignores you, you’ll be able to ask her out.

    • I have no idea how to flirt.

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  • Just give little hints and stuff lead her on but make sure there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

    • I probably already do give hints without trying.

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    • If she says no it will be awkward every time I see her.

    • Not unless ou seem cool just remeber there's someone more sppecial if you lose her

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  • Just like us guys, she may know, or she may be clueless. Just go for it man.